Server Rules

Don't be a dick

That means don't grief, and don't disrespect people. You can swear and get around bedrock's filter, but if you cuss someone out you're just going to look like some kid who's on their Xbox past 9 PM without their mom knowing.

Don't cheat

Mods like autoclickers, xray, and pvp bots if those even on bedrock are not allowed.

Don't steal

I know it's tempting to steal, but just don't man. You can probably ask for what you're looking for in chat or Discord and some kind soul might give you exactly what you need.

If you don't follow these rules, you might be set to Visitor, where you can't interact with blocks, or "banned" as far as Bedrock allows me, which is really just a hidden command block repeatedly running /kick because bedrock is dumb. If you've been punished you can contact Cesium#5061 in the Discord server.

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